Hi Mike,

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you and to your lovely staff esp Nyoman and Putu who provided us with EXCEPTIONAL and extremely hospitable service during our stay.

I had the unfortunate experience to have my bag stolen on the last night of our stay with quite a bit of money (we had been out for a night of dining at Sarong, then a couple of bars for drinks before having this happen at Cocoon around 1.30am). Nyoman was so concerned and arranged for your driver to take me to the Police Station so I could report it etc. I felt terrible as I had no rupiah to give him at the time. Also at end of stay one of our girls gave Nyoman 800,000rp for the staff to share - I would of liked to have bumped it up a bit more too had I not lost my wallet. I would like to send another $50 for the staff to share with perhaps a bit to your driver that took me to police station..and wondered if I put it into your account whether you would be so kind as to distribute it next time you are there?? ~ Thanks  Fiona