Yes! Those of us who live and work at Rumi Villas and our guests feel safe to enjoy all the amenities this spectacular island has to offer. However, the owners and staff of Rumi Villas take security very seriously.

Safety and security are a natural concern for many newcomers to Bali, given that Bali was a victim of terrorist attacks back in 2002 and 2005. Since that time, security on the island has increased dramatically, with tourist areas, hotels, restaurants and bars often manned by full-time security. The commitment of local Police that terrorism will not be tolerated on this peaceful Hindu Island is evident.

The Rumi Villas also take security very seriously. All villas are enclosed by high walls and manned by 24-hour security, to give you and your family peace of mind while you are relaxing. We also arrange airport pick-up for all our guests making the transition to the villa simple and safe.

Travel warnings to many countries are now a fact of life and something you should definitely consider before making decisions regarding your travel. But Bali is still the number one tropical travel spot for a relaxing getaway. More than one million Australians visited Bali in 2014 and it has officially become their favourite tourist destination (toppling New Zealand in 2014). And it’s not just Australians, more than three million tourists visited Bali in 2014. In that same year it was voted Best Island in Asia from international tourism magazine, Travel & Leisure.

Those of us who live and work in Bali, and the ever-increasing numbers of returning visitors feel safe to enjoy all the amenities this wonderful island has to offer.